Specs Foundation Framing Roofing Exterior Interior Power, telephone and water Moving day

Studio Specs:

  • Main floor is 24' x 32' with 12' x 32' attached shed;

  • Second floor is 16' x 24', timber frame floor support structure;

  • Foundation is insulated slab-on-grade with thickened perimeter.
    Dye was added to the concrete prior to pouring so that it would not have to be painted.

  • Interior walls are finished with Venetian plaster on drywall

  • The downstairs has two areas:

    • The main working area and

    • There is an 8' x 10' 'warm room' that is heated. It contains the electrical panel, pressure tank and hot water tank, a laundry sink and lots of storage for temperature sensitive paints, oils, waterstones, etc.

  • Upstairs is a 16' x 16' office, half bath and storage area

  • The shop is heated primarily by a wood stove in which Peter burns all of the scrap lumber and sawdust that he produces. When the slab was poured, tubing was placed for radiant floor heating in anticipation of a wood-fired outdoor boiler system to heat the studio and the new house.

  • There are lots of receptacles in the working area, both 110V and 220V. Even the ceiling has eight receptacles in it of both voltages.

  • For now the main work area is lighted with 8' fluorescent fixtures. Eventually Peter will be installing his own custom-made 12V halogen fixtures to light individual work stations.