Artist's Statement

My work takes boxes beyond the ordinary.... My design principles emphasize form, colour and meaning. The use of wood as a medium is secondary to the purpose, which is to represent emotions in an entertaining and engaging way. Each piece is created with a box as the central component. When I apply appendages the piece becomes anthropomorphic. Colour sets the tone and provides visual interest.

Some time ago two simple notions occurred to me: these wood objects did not need to fit any preconceived pattern or plan... and that these objects could be made to express my thoughts and feelings.  I discovered also that, with this work, I could create within others these same feelings or sometimes completely different feelings.

You will not find highly figured woods in my work.  I prefer light colored, fine-grained woods such as pine and basswood.  My intention is not to hide, but rather to de-emphasize the wood and instead draw attention to form and meaning.  Acrylic metallic paints are used to provide visual interest and to help set the tone of each piece.  Color alternates with natural wood to provide contrast.

Where am I headed with this?  I am not sure, but the goal is laughter, amusement and the interest of the viewer.


Peter Shaughnessy
Born August 14, 1956, Arlington County, Virginia
Immigrated to Canada in 1971, landing in Vancouver, British Columbia
Simon Fraser University - 1974 to 1977 - Biochemistry Major
Journeyman Boatbuilder - 1982
Married to Roma, they have two children, Brenda and Patrick
Moved to the Chilcotin Region of British Columbia in 1988
Currently living happily ever after.